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Grapplers are some of the fittest people on the planet! 

Just check out your local high school or college wrestlers and you will notice a level of strength, endurance, and explosiveness not found in other sports. The resistance involved from grappling with a partner is the most advanced method of functional fitness training. It works both the muscular endurance and cardiovascular systems. 

Grappling for self defense! 

Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Sambo and Catch Wrestling are all forms of submission grappling. The goal of these disciplines are to render the opponent immobile or unconscious utilizing various techniques. Leverage and proper technique allow smaller weaker individuals the ability to disable a bigger opponent.

Safety First!

Our grappling program is taught in a step by step manner to ensure maximum safety of all participants. "Live grappling" only occurs after months of training to ensure the students have a firm foundation of the techniques and physical ability. Additionally,"tapping" - the act of conceding to a hold either by tapping your partner, the floor, or verbally - adds an additional level of safety. 


If you ever rolled around in the backyard with your siblings or friends you remember how fun and exhilarating that felt! That's because grappling is the original and natural form of play. You are going to love it!

Sample training video